Beauty mark & #OOTD

Hi humans!

Here is how to cover a pimple without make up : use a band aid and ta-dah, no pimple.
Yup I got a huge spot on my cheek and the idea of messing it with make up is just as dreadful as exposing the spot - especially as there is lots of springtime street dust outside and it makes my face dirty within seconds.

This is a very old school trick - I'm sure most of us got our minor injured taken care of with band aids when we were kids, plus that since the band aids I use are so pretty that it is comparable to the beauty marks of the women of rococo (they used "beauty marks" to hide skin probs that were caused by lack of hygiene and heavy face paint).

cute band aid on face
Then OOTD. Please kindly note that I am wearing a long skirt this time, not a short one. So I'm not a whore now. It has became (well a little bit) warm so we could drop by to a street bar with friends for the first time this year. Our butts were freezing a little bit but well at least we sat there for a couple of hours. 

grunge, pastel, outfit

These were fashionable few years ago ;). I bought them from a vending machine for 2 euros / each :)

soft grunge, fashion, pastel

Party time. Isn't it admirable how some creatures can get the joy out of the simple things of life! Wonder who chopped down the garbage can, tho.

grunge, fashion, pastel
Me and my pose.

I self-righteously tagged this look as grunge. At least most of my items here are secondhand, thrifted, old or broken even if I'm not wearing my dad's old pants here. Okay, admit : I tagged it grunge just because I was thinking about grunge -the fashion side of it- when I put this together. (But still, I refuse to call a $400 brand new outfit grunge just because Asos labeled it "grunge" ;))

Have a good day!

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I wore:

Thrifted sweater and skirt and badges
Military bag from Varusteleka* - C/O
Jacket from Bard and Jester (I believe it's available upon request)
Creepers from Ebay
SXUC sunnies from Sunglasses shop - C/O
Hat - not remember O_o !?
Necklace from some rock festival circa 1996
Nose ring from BodyJewelryPiercing - C/O
....and band aids from Tiger ;)


Links à la Mode: April 17th

I was featured on links A La Mode so here are the links. Also a pic of my socks, a doodle that I did for Pinkkis and a pic of me coloring my hair! Relevant! :)

Links à la Mode: April 17th

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Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter, people!

In Finland Easter means holidays, even shops are closed (perhaps also coffee shops and all?) so let's see if we can invent any action or this turns into complete couch potato time (my guess is the latter option). I already started the couch potatoing last evening, Hide was asking me to go out to eat and to hit the bars but I was too lazy. Very untypical of me to refuse eating out and go to a bar. I hope the offer is still valid during the rest of the holidays.

I have been very diligent trying to get used to the DSLR tho. That's why there is a lot of random photo spam from my living territory (the one kilometer axis from home).

vintage, coca cola, vending machine

That is a very old Coca Cola vending machine huh. Which reminds me that shops are closed and I am out of Coca Cola *෴* !?

There is a new thrift store - just behind our house. I bought the shoes I'm wearing in the pics for 2 euros (under 30 USD). I used to have almost the same ones in.. 1996? Lol :)! I rarely wear high heels because there's a danger that they will make me look more like a grown ass woman, but these are just cute IMO :).

About my OOTD, I don't even know. Cannot figure if I look like a goth / punk, a geek, or a whore. Doesn't really matter tho since it's just myself anyway. 

Btw, why is that shorts usually are considered as a decent piece of casual clothing, but if you wear a short skirt, random people and passers by are like OMG WHORE!
So wearing the decent shorts under a short skirt looks obscure, even if the amount of skin you are showing doesn't increase and the shorts are still there, just hidden? Anyone who tries to spy what is under my skirt will only see the same pair of black shorts that I wear every other day as a part of my outfit.
Thou be foold that I don't weareth aught und'r the skirt - Hah, pompous daws :D !

The hairstyle I highly dismiss. The ponytail was an emergency solution for a dreadful hair, and it was my fault that my hair looked dreadful. I had used a massive luxury overdose of hair oil which made my hair look very durrty.

tattoo tights

pastel pink hair

goth, punk, fashion

clouds, sky

goth, punk, outfit

graffiti, tags

Enjoy the holidays those who celebrate, and who doesn't, have a nice day anyway :).

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 I wore :
Star Tights PantyhoseC/O Bornprettystore
Jacket from Cubus
Tee from Cybershop
Thrifted / vintage shoes dress, bag and bracelets

(If you fancy tights like these, here's a 10% off discount code for Bornprettystore : LARAT10 )