When fashion turns into a monster

We do love fashion. Just in case you did not know yet - be aware that fashion can also be tragicomic, macabre and even pure evil. Hear these vicious minions of fashion.

Fashion wants to be taken very seriously
Hi! I'm a designer bag. Wear me and you will belong into the elite. In the other hand, if you don't wear me that means that you are poor.. and being poor means that you are stupid, don't have ambition and couldn't even marry a decent person with a nice income. When you wear me, you have the right to look down on others. You and I will set the standards for fashion -and dignity. Who wants to belong to the lower class!?

Fashion wants to get physical
Hey! We are skinny jeans, shapewear and high heels. We are here to provide you a nice selection of health issues. You can trip over and hurt yourself or just have your feet screwed up. What about bloating, heartburn and indigestion - guess which one of us will bring you all of those!? If that's not enough, you can also choose a lack of oxygen that will make you feel sick and tired. We -just like all fashion items- might also come with a surprise - poisonous chemicals or metals that cause allergy! Have fun with us!

Fashion wants to set your body image
Hello, I am a certain brand crop top that everyone wears and I want you to wear me too.. but eww! Get rid of that fat belly first. I come from a brand that has sizes only up to size M, because if you wear a bigger size, you are a fatso. But hey, what if you buy this diet magazine first! It tells you how to lose 20 kilos in 2 days. It also gives tips how to quit eating for good and carry on exercising 6 hours a day! The models are photoshopped, but you get the point, girl - that's what you should look like. OMG EW your face tho... well, I might forgive you your face if you get in shape.

Fashion wants to re-create your body
Hey girl! We are breast implants. You will have great boobs after you buy us. Even if we might come with complications like breast pain, capsular contracture aka hardening (when we're hardened we don't cause hard-ons, tehee!), infection, toxic shock syndrome and many more, we are great because you can become a model with us and all the boys will love you and us together. You will be happy with yourself because of us! If you don't want us, we will be very sad, but if that is the case, then please consider about our friends - other types of cosmetic surgery or our little sisters, botox and fillers. You can also have us all! Get addicted, you will never have to stop! Surgery once a day keeps the aging away, hihi!

Fashion wants your economy
Well Hello! I'm a credit card! You just read all those stories about the lovely things above, Now you want them all, but you cannot afford them, I know, girl. This is common. No worries, I can help! Buy as much as you want! It is free! ..or I mean, it's almost free. It means that you can shop now and get in a serious trouble later.

Fashion wants your soul
Hey lovely! We are the latest disposable trendy items! Cool people wear us. Only the uncool don't! We are made of animal fur so we are sorry about the bunnies that got killed, but we are worth it! And those cool guys next to us are made in an illegal sweatshop and therefore we produce money for mafia. You don't need to consider about those things or think about other options because the most important thing is that you will look good this season. Besides of having us, you will only need to obsess about your looks and getting dressed. We mean obsess. You know, looking good is the most important thing in your life. Hurry tho, we will be so last season after 2 months and we want you to try us on before we go to the garbage bin. Environmental issues? It means the unfashionable, so last season people spoiling your environment, right?

“You are my creator, but I am your master; Obey!” 

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Gifs are shamelessly stolen from Tumblr. Message me if you want them off or credited.


I'm a stupido #ootd

Do you know why smart people are insecure and the stupidos are cocksure?
Charles Bukowski said something like that. I think I might know - because the smart peeps are able to question things, to see different points of view and understand that there are different values - and that human beings don't even understand most things at all even if they try. The stupid ones.. well they stick to their own point of view and refuse to expand their thinking.

Why I'm telling this? To use my insecurity to prove my smartness!
And note, I even contradicted myself here by acting so sure about what I said. Which might mean that I'm stupid. To add more proof to the fact that I'm stupid, I just complained about stupid people, which is a thing that smart people should never do. See.

I have been feeling myself really stupid lately. 
Prolly it's because of all the great people that I haven't been able to avoid, and who keep preaching what a human being, a woman, an adult should be. 
I'm not the ideal representative of Homo Sapiens Sapiens at all. I don't have a high education, I'm over 30 and still studying - on a slow speed -, I'm not economically very productive, I don't act or look like my age. I read comics, play online games and like reptiles. I hate cleaning and doing the laundry and avoid that til the dust bunnies and dirty socks threaten to start walking by themselves.
My interests are shallow like fashion and such, and not even classy high fashion but punky cheap ass fashion that is suitable for teens. The worst thing is that I don't feel like taking the effort to develop as into a human that would be seen as a smart one, but I rather keep doing what I like. I even blog about how awesome I am while I'm not awesome at all. 

So yeah, that was a rant about what I have been thinking lately. I'm slowly accepting the fact that I can give up trying to be smart, because I am stupid (-according to the common society norms).  

From my shallow interests emerge these outfit pics of a look that I did put together in a hurry, had to rush to the shop to get iguana food and shops were closing very early. The braids are because my hair was wet and I didn't have time to dry it. I ripped 2 pairs of tattoo tights while dressing up in a rush, which is a pity (a stupid thing to do).

However better enjoy a sunny day out than keep worrying of being stupid.

pastel punk, fashion

pastel punk, fashion, nu goth

Grabbed some ice-cream - Magnum with champagne topping wan interesting and worth a blog mention. If you eat 31 Magnum Champagne sticks it equals to one glass of champagne alcohol-wise, so not for under agers ;).
Gotta love it when you get photographed while eating with your mouth wide open looking like an overgrown baby. Or Pac Man.  

Anyone savvy of superstitions? What does it mean if a magpie kindly poses for a pic?

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What I wore:
Thrifted skirt
Very old beanie and tights
Frog brooch from this ebay seller
Vintage bag
Top and creepers from ebay
SXUC sunnies from Sunglasses Shop (C/O)


#sundried #blogthis

Hi fellows!

It's still a holiday here, na-na !
Also, the spring seems to be here, hope it won't go away! 
I still wear the band-aid on my cheek ;(.

You might not be used to seeing my punky butt in super relaxed, simple outfits (unless you know me personally...) but today I'm posting one like that, just because I wanted to write about Sundried

The clothing industry and it's ethics are usually pretty much obscure - you will not know if your item has been made ethically or not, as well as you don't know the ecological effect. Not blaming on people for not knowing - making clothes is a complicated process, materials came from one place, possibly far, and then the item is made in another place. Even the retailers might not know how their clothes have been made - not even if they try to find out. That is one reason why I'm into recycling and mostly shop my stuff from thrift stores and go for vintage. I'm no saint by any means of course, I know I could improve my shopping habits. (I could go on and on about this but I wrote about sustainable fashion some time ago and I don't want to pretend to be Jesus even if it's still Easter).

Anyway, another little thing that I can do is giving support to brands like Sundried who take their responsibility about the planet and their workers seriously. That's why I'm sharing their press release that their representative kindly mailed me. I also got a free Sundried tee to show off :). 

"Sundried is designed for people who simply love the great outdoors. Founded on a beach in Peru, the brand is quickly building a global community and is now popular in the United States, and as far out as New Zealand. The team produce sunglasses, t-shirts, hoodies and various accessories; manufactured using the highest quality materials, and their bright, innovative designs are eye catching and bold, synonymous with the cool laid-back surfer lifestyle.

We almost consider ourselves as a community brand; we sponsor up-and-coming surfers. We have community projects in Lima and Brazil. Our t-shirts use photos taken by Sundried ambassador Geraint Rowland in and around Peru. 

Sundried, where possible source only local products. "We care about the environment and the community". Our T-shirts in Peru are all made locally. To keep our carbon footprint as small as possible our products in the UK are all hand printed in the UK. Sundried t-shirts are Ethical Trade and Justice for workers (Audited by the Fair Wear Foundation) and we try to only use 100% Organic Product in accordance with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), produced from Indian Cotton, and certified by the Control Union and Soil Association Certifications.

Sundried sponsor Surfers Against Sewage." 

An unrelated image of fat DJ in a sunny spot that he spotted on the bed.

Do check out Sundried and subscribe for freebies :) !

I hope you are having a good day!

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